About Rebecca

about pictureHi, I’m Rebecca Grossman, owner of Shades and Hues serving the GTHA as well as Muskoka Painting which specializes in all of your cottages painting needs. If you are like most people, a paint job is a commoditized service that ends when the final coat dries up. You simply want the job to be finished—and finished well. Painting has played an immense role in my life, and after 10 years of painting experience, I had finally decided to turn my passion into my career. It was then, five years ago, that I decided to open up my own painting company. From before my team and I start our work until the satisfaction of a job-well-done, we ‘see beyond the walls.’ We know that to get it just right, a proper paint job is more than just the selection of colour and a proper application… It’s the lasting effects we know our work will have on the warmth, tone and feel of your household, and the memories that will be built within it.

Shades & Hues Advantage

The S&H goal was to build a business that begins with providing first class work, that could be reliably trusted to guarantee an amazing finish and that would put efficiency and cleanliness at the forefront of what we do. I have found much success holding these fundamentals as the pillars of Shades & Hues, and this is why we have been so successful growing our business on a referral basis. We hope to share our passion with you. We will not feel like your average painting company...                   bejamin Moore Ad