Interior Painting

Painting interior walls can be one of the easiest, affordable and efficient ways to freshen up your home. As many of us have found out however, several factors can transform what was to be a simple job into a nightmare of splattered paint, endless coats and uneven finishing. But have no fear, as we at S&H Painting are here to help you paint and restore your home, condominium, apartment or town house.

Whether you are short on time to do the work yourself, lack the skill and expertise to get the job done well, or simply prefer to hire a professional to make your life a little easier (or a combination of all three), we are here to service all of your interior painting needs. We know that a lot of preparation is needed to guarantee beautiful results; sanding, scraping, masking,and priming…And that’s before a single coat of the finish paint goes on.

Our process is simple and we are here to help you at every step of the way. Our professionals will come to you to discuss design ideas and make sure the optimal color and paint finish is selected. We want to be sure you get the look and feel you want to accent and compliment the living spaces you spend so much of your lives in.